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The 2020 meetings will take place from 6.00 pm to 8.00 pm on the 2nd Monday of each month. The meeting place is the Charing Cross Hospital, ground floor boardroom, South Wing. You can enter the hospital via the Riverside Wing Entrance, which is about 50 metres to the right of the main entrance as you face the front of the hospital. The boardroom is the first room on the left. You can also reach the boardroom via the main entrance, take the corridor to the right immediately after Costa Coffee (which is still open if you would like a coffee!), go to the end and turn right again. The boardrooms signposted. The main speaker will give their talk at 6.30 pm.

Everyone is welcome–please feel free to bring along a family member, friend or carer. There is no charge to members or visitors and no obligation to return.

1 & 2 indicate which Type the talk is suitable for.


Monday 13 January

Talk about hearts, check blood pressure post Xmas, and review and learn about important 1st aid including CPR

With Lucinda Keillor from the charity Healthy Hearts, & Joanna, 1st aid trainer from St John's Ambulance

1 & 2


Monday 10 February

Exercise and Diabetes

Dr Neil Hill, Consultant Diabetologist, Imperial

1 & 2


Monday 9 March

Know Diabetes and Diabetes Remission

Dr Tony Willis, Diabetes Lead for North West London

1 & 2





Monday 11 May

Diabetes 10 Point Training

Ruth Miller, Nurse Consultant

1 & 2


Monday 8 June

Let's talk about carbs

Salma Mehar, Dietician

Please join us for ‘Summer Social’drinks afterwards at the nearest pub!

1 & 2


July & August - No Group


Monday 14 September

Insulins/tech/research- an update

Consultant Diabetologist, Imperial

1 & 2


Monday 12 October

Hypos, and update on Clinical Studies Groups

DSN and Lis Warren

1 & 2


Monday 9 November

Group AGM

Diabetes Challenges: a group discussion 

Please join us afterwards for Christmas drinks at the nearest pub!

1 & 2


December - No Group