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The 2021 meetings will continue to take place virtually via Zoom, from 6.00 pm to 8.00 pm on the 2nd Monday of each month. We hope it won't be too long before we can resume face to face meetings at the Charing Cross Hospital, ground floor boardroom, South Wing. 

Everyone is welcome–please feel free to bring along a family member, friend or carer. There is no charge to members or visitors and no obligation to return.

1 & 2 indicate which Type the talk is suitable for.



11 January

Diabetes Footcare and new research

Simona Racaru Clinical Nurse

1 & 2

08 February

A tour of ‘Know Diabetes’ along with a general discussion session

Alex Silverstein, NHS North West London

1 & 2

08 March

RESIT Study – Sedentary Behaviour, Health and Disease Research

Marsha Brierley, Brunel University London

1 & 2


No Group

10 May

Pros and Cons of Different Insulins, new insulins and up to date review of diabetes medication

Mr Philip Newland-Jones, Consultant Pharmacist Diabetes & Endocrinology

1 & 2

14 June

Diabetes - what comes through my surgery door?

Dr David Wingfield

1 & 2



No Group

13 September

Technology: An up-to-date overview 

Lesley Jordan, diabetes charity JDRF

1 & 2

11 October

Low Carbs and portion control

Dietitian to be confirmed

1 & 2

08 November

Group AGM

Quiz and Group Discussion

1 & 2


No Group